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Vibratory Technology

VDL Systems designs and manufactures several types of transport systems based on vibratory technology. These shakers find their way to the end market through several OEM’s of food processing equipment and machines for the recycling industry.

VDL Systems' product range includes the following types of shakers:

• Indirectly driven shakers with springs

• Directly driven shakers

• Electromagnetically driven shakers

Our shakers will be designed in 3D according to our hygienic concept and they will be manufactured and tested in-house and if desirable, they can be installed at the end customer’s plant. Our shakers are applied in various industries to transport, to guide, to dewater, to defat, to sort or to sieve out products. The shaker gutter can be manufactured with polished material, rigidized metal, wedge wire, gauze, teflon coating, guidance tracks and combinations of these applications.

We execute the entire process – from engineering, sheet metal processing, machining, welding, sandblasting to assembly and installation – at our workshop. Therefore, we have excellent control over the lead time of our production process, resulting in a significant contribution to the time-to-market. Moreover, the service engineers in our service department are ready for installation and maintenance of any of our equipment worldwide.

In vibratory technology, VDL Systems collaborates with the following organizations:


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