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VDL Systems, which is part of VDL Groep, is the turnkey partner in mechanical engineering and production of stainless steel equipment. Using our state-of-the-art machinery and around 180 experts, we produce and build machines and systems that our customers supply to the global food processing industry.

Our production facility is perfectly equipped for processing stainless steel, aluminum and plastics. Moreover, we can provide high volume (robotized) welding capacity and a large inhouse assembly space, which allows us to build not only single machines, but also large series and even entire production lines.

Teaming up with innovative startups as well as globally leading OEM-companies, we create, develop and introduce new production techniques, machines and systems. Therefore, our main goal is to help our customers to differentiate themselves from other equipment suppliers in terms of innovation and cost reduction.

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 Some Product Groups:

Spiral Coolers & Freezers

VDL Systems engineers and builds spiral coolers and spiral freezers.

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Vibratory Conveyor Technology

VDL Systems develops and builds vibratory conveyors for various applications.

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Cooling & Freezing Tunnels

VDL Systems builds cooling and freezing tunnels in its own factory.

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Internal Logistics & Conveying

VDL Systems produces logistic and conveyor systems for the food processing industry.

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As a developer and producer we are always looking for new applications of our knowhow.

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VDL Systems is part of the Subcontracting Division of VDL Groep and mainly active in engineering and production for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in various market sectors of the food processing industry, the recycling industry and the agricultural sector.

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185 FTE
Production Facility
Location: Uden