Turnkey Partner for Stainless Steel Machinery Fabrication

VDL Systems in active in engineering, production and installation of machines, production lines and internal logistic systems for OEM’s of food processing equipment. As sub-supplier for the food processing industry, VDL Systems in specialized in processing stainless steel, plastics and aluminum. We provide everything from CAD/3D-engineering, to complete turnkey production within the walls of our own organization.


From Engineering to Installation

Besides building single units, we produce in minor or medium series. We execute the entire process – from engineering, sheet metal processing, machining, welding, sandblasting to assembling and installing – at our own workshop. Therefore, we have excellent control over the lead times of our production processes, resulting in a significant contribution to the time-to-market.

Turnkey Manufacturing

Quality of our products is paramount, as well is ingenuity, flexibility and reliability. Our knowhow and experience empowers us to add incredible value to your design or drawing, resulting in practically optimized production processes of the manufacturer. On request, the service engineering of our service department will install and maintain all systems of our clients worldwide.

Build-to-print and build-to-spec manufacturing

As a sub-supplier our strength lies in the complete production of single units or large volumes of both parts and entire machines. Our organisation is very experienced in manufacturing with our customers’ (3D-)drawings as a starting point, also called -build-to-print- manufacturing. When necessary, we can easily optimise and align the drawing kit with the facilities within our state-of-the-art machinery. This enables us to significantly reduce lead times and costs for our customers.

Another vital discipline of VDL Systems is -build-to-spec- manufacturing. With our team of R&D experts and engineers, we are perfectly fit to develop, engineer and subsequently build and install entire production lines and machines, starting from just the specifications of the production process. In this way our added value is optimally expressed. While our clients can focus on marketing their solution and optimising the production process, as a turnkey partner we take care of engineering, manufacturing and building the machines.

Landwerk N.V.

The organization currently known as VDL Systems was founded in the year 1953 by the Zweegers brothers as Landwerk N.V. After 10 years of producing automation systems for pig and poultry farming, the company was bought by CHV, located in Veghel, the Netherlands. Following in 1985, the company was renamed Laco B.V. and the focus shifted to automated feeding systems for solely the poultry industry.

Laco B.V.

Consequently, this development leaded to the acquisition of Laco B.V. by Meyn Group, an internationally operating market leader in poultry processing equipment and slaughter lines, based in Oostzaan, the Netherlands. At that moment, Laco B.V. had already moved to its current location at the Erfstraat on Industrieterrein Liessent in the neighboring town of Uden. Since then, a significant share of the production of machines and systems of Meyn would be developed and build by Laco’s factory in Uden.

VDL Systems B.V.

After 10 years of being a producer and supplier to the poultry industry  as part of Meyn Group, the factory of Laco B.V. was bought by industrial conglomerate VDL Groep, based in Eindhoven , the Netherlands. Consequently, the company was renamed VDL Systems B.V. and developed itself as a dedicated processor of stainless steel and aluminum and developer of systems and machines for the entire food processing industry.

These days, VDL Systems is experiencing stable growth as being a successful organization in engineering and production for the global food processing industry, having an extensive machine park with state-of-the-art machinery and a growing and dedicated team of experts.

Subcontracting Division

As a vital part of VDL Groep, VDL Systems is one of the companies  within the Subcontracting division. In its role as sub-supplier VDL Systems does not primarily focus on supplying the end market (the food industry), but on serving and strengthening the OEM’s as mechanical engineering firms for the food processing industry. In this way, VDL Systems operates as a turnkey engineering and production partner for the suppliers of processing equipment to the food industry.

More on the Subcontracting Division

Strategy VDL Groep

Diversity in markets and products

Achieving diversity in terms of markets and products. It enables us to spread our risks effectively. If one branch of industry is not performing as well as it ought to be, another will compensate with slightly better results.

Controlled growth

Our aim is to achieve controlled growth, both financially and in terms of our organizational structure. We have a very strong financial position and our organization has now benefited from significant further strengthening. We will not take any risks that could jeopardize the group as a whole.

Solid financial position

VDL has a strong financial position and is not overly reliant on banks. We believe that it is important to be able to continue to make our own policy decisions.

Production in Western Europe

We are committed to maintaining production in Western Europe (especially in the Netherlands and Flanders) and also to limited strategic production in low-income countries, to support employment in Western Europe.

VDL Groep is and always will be a family company

We are and will always continue to be a family-run company. VDL Groep is owned 100% by the Van der Leegte family. The family has agreed never to sell any shares to a third party, which has created a real sense of purpose in the organization. We are able to make the right decisions for our business with the minimum of delay.

Investment and innovation

Investing and innovating in employees, materials, products and techniques. We invest heavily in automation and robotics and want our employees to continue to develop too. We always strive to be the very best, which is why we deliver the best balance of quality, technology, logistics and costs.

VDL Groep

As since 1998, we are part of VDL Groep, an internationally oriented industrial conglomerate, with its headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The entirely family-owned company with a total of 104 companies (2020) is based in 20 countries and employs around 16.000 people. The companies of VDL Groep are grouped into 4 Business Divisions: Subcontracting, Car Assembly, Buses & Coaches and Finished Products.

VDL Groep this year

Strength through cooperation. This is the cornerstone of VDL Groep, the international industrial family business with its headquarters in Brainport Eindhoven. Founded in 1953, almost 60 years ago, the company has been run by the third generation since 2017. VDL Groep has over 16,000 employees and is active in 19 countries. The group encompasses 105 closely cooperating operating companies, each with its own specialism. The activities of these companies can be summarised in the ‘five worlds of VDL’: Science Technology & Health, Mobility, Energy & Sustainability, Infratech and Foodtech. In 2022, VDL Groep achieved a combined annual turnover of €5,752 billion.

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