Surface Finishing

Since VDL Systems can offer turnkey machine production and construction within the walls of the own production facility, lead times can be perfectly controlled. As a contributor, the possibilities that we can offer regarding surface finishing, play an important role in this. With our 2 blasting rooms for both manual (pressure) glass-pearl blasting and wheel blasting , we can offer the option to passivate entire welding assemblies to increase corrosion resistance of the end product.

Pressure (Glass-Pearl) Blasting & Wheel Blasting

Since most of the machine we produce are destined for the food industry and we strive for the highest quality, we have a spacious glass-pearl blasting room for finishing large (welding) assemblies. Besides, for small parts we have a second glass-pearl blasting cabinet. For serial assemblies or parts we deploy our automatic wheel blasting room. Apart from the aspect of hygiene, with glass-pearl blasting the lifespan of the material is prolonged and of course, esthetics and neatness of the end product are better.

Stainless Steel Pickling / Passivation

Mostly, stainless steel parts and welded assemblies will pass wither the pickling or the blasting workshop, before being moved towards the assembly hall. For assemblies that are preferably not blasted, we offer the possibility to passivate and clean seams manually. Consequently, the sheet surface of certain parts remains smooth and the complete assembly can be passivated and is perfectly applicable in hygienic areas such as food processing factories.

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