Turnkey Manufacturing for Cooling & Freezing Technology

VDL Systems designs and manufactures several types of tunnel freezers. These machines find their way to the end market through several OEM’s of food processing equipment. Additional to building traditional site-built systems, VDL Systems has developed an unique, hygienic and modular packaged concept that significantly reduces the on-site construction time. This unique tunnel system is entirely constructed of stainless steel and can be prefabricated and then installed on-site.

Important features of our systems are:
- completely welded structures
- high-end hygienic design
- all types of belts are applicable
- prefabricated packaged units

Customer & Product-Specific Design

Naturally, the cooling and freezing tunnels are available in many different executions. In fact, in almost any case the tunnels are completely engineered to customer demand and therefore optionally with:
- automatic cleaning (CIP-system including cleaning programs)
- loading systems (infeed / outfeed vibratory conveyors, ascending or descending conveyors)
- automatic defrost / snow removal system (ADS/SDS)

Turnkey Engineering & Production

These high-quality process installations are completely constructed of stainless steel. We execute the entire process – from engineering, sheet metal processing, machining, welding, sandblasting to assembly and installation – at our work-shop. Therefore, we have excellent control over the lead time of our production process, resulting in a significant contribution to the time-to-market. Moreover, the service engineers in our service department are ready for installation and maintenance of any of our equipment worldwide.

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Leaflet freezing and cooling tunnels


In producing freezing systems for the US and European market, VDL Systems closely cooperates with the following organization(s):


AFE Europe BV