Turnkey partner for OEM's

As all companies within the Subcontracting Division of VDL Groep do, VDL Systems operates as a production partners and sub supplier. This means that we supply machines and systems to OEM-customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and that we consequently do not focus on the end customer. In this way, we have achieved our current position in for example the food processing industry, the agricultural sector, recycling and other industry sectors.

Build-to-Print and Build-to-Spec Manufacturing

Outsourcing machine construction can vary from small machine parts to entire turnkey machines and production lines. Using our extensive experience in high-end machine manufacturing, VDL Systems has developed itself into a renowned and advanced production organization in the business. We can offer of services both by manufacturing based on build-to-print, in which we use the production drawings of our OEM-customer, and by manufacturing based on build-to-spec, in which we start with raw project specifications. In this way, we bring our customers added value by offering both smart engineering solutions and production capacity.

On a regular basis we help our customers, in accordance to the following path:

• Proposals for design and choice of solution
• Consultancy and discussing the layout
• Detail engineering of parts
• Production
• Purchase and if required, installation on site

A selection of our respected OEM-customers operate in the following markets:

Food processing Industry

Manufacturing machines for the food industry can be extremely costly and requires lots of business capital. Moreover, OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in this market will mainly have their focus on the end market, product development and service. That is why manufacturing machines for the food industry is frequently outsourced to an expert in the field of manufacturing. VDL Systems is perfectly equipped to take over the entire engineering and production process of such machines, using the required (hygienic) materials and design standards. Within the food processing industry, we mainly work for the following market segments:

Producers of vegetable and potato products for the consumer market have to deal with many OEM-companies that offer their machines, systems and production lines as a solution for their demand. In our role as a turnkey supplier to these OEM-companies, we introduce short lead times and smart production techniques for their machines and systems. In this role, we apply the latest knowledge of hygienic designing and our knowhow of processing an ever increasing volume of end products. These themes are on top of our minds, in our role as a sub supplier for the industry.

In the global meat and fish processing market, more and more large processing equipment companies emerge. VDL Systems offers these machinery providers extended production capacity and knowledge of machine manufacturing according to the highest standards. Alternatively, VDL Systems can cooperate closely with start-ups in the food processing industry to offer possibilities to develop and introduce new machines to the market.

Originally, VDL Systems is an important supplier for providers of logistics, slaughtering and packaging lines for the poultry processing industry. Together with its partners, we produce serial modules and we engineer specific solutions for the poultry industry.

VDL Systems produces systems for providers of production equipment for processing packaged dairy products. For example, we build systems for pasteurization and other logistic systems for the dairy industry.

Together with its partners including some VDL-sister companies, VDL Systems develops machines for solids processing and bulk handling. These machines include sorting and dosing systems and logistic systems for animal nutrition, nuts or other solids.

A part from systems for dosing product towards processing or packaging machines, VDL Systems is an experienced producer of packaging machines for the food processing industry.

Agricultural sector

VDL Systems produces various products for the agricultural sector. Our company originates from the world of animal feeding and still has a strong connection to this market via its sister companies at VDL Groep. Within the agricultural sector, VDL Systems is mainly active in the following market segments:

Traditionally, VDL Systems produced feeding systems for the poultry sector. Nowadays, VDL Systems still produces a wide variety of products for OEM’s in this sector, ranging from solutions for producing animal nutrition, to logistic solutions for poultry transport.

VDL Systems is a renowned supplier of (serial) modules with are provided by our OEM-customers to dairy farmers all over the world.


VDL Systems acts as a sub suppliers for providers of recycling equipment which is applied for material separation. The recycling industry is always on the move. Due to new regulations initiated by governments and the European Union, higher demands are set to processing materials and waste. Along with our customers, VDL Systems is on a quest for innovations and new technologies to develop and produce efficient and cost-saving machines for recycling. Currently, VDL Systems has a lot of experience with the development and construction of machines for the recycling industry. Our customers in this sector are mostly in cleaning wastewater, material separation and underground storage of household waste.