Welding Department

For VDL Systems, the advanced welding hall is of crucial importance since it allows the company to provide the complete construction work for many types of machines within its own walls. Needless to say, all personnel on this department is very skillful and a specialist in constructing stainless steel construction components. Most of these parts are produced at our own machining and sheet metal workshops.

Spacious Welding Hall

In general, our products are being engineered, constructed, mounted and installed internally, so that the entire production process is under strict control of the company management.  

Specifically, the same accounts for all welding activities necessary for building processing machines. To achieve this, our welding personnel and welding experts have unlimited access to:

  • Factory hall (+/-3.600m²) equipped with 30 fully equipped welding shops for customer-specific and serial welding
  • Construction hall (+/-3.000m²) for very large welding and assembling of systems
  • Serial welding hall (1.200m²) fully equipped for serial welding by robotic cells

Robotic Welding and Cobot

Besides manual welding, our welding department is equipped with various advanced robotic welding installations, which are deployed to serial welding. Consequently, we can offer a wide variety of serial (welding) assemblies against an attractive cost price. Currently, VDL Systems’ welding department consists of the following robotic welding systems:

  • 6 Welding robots, installed on 2 lines for very large series
  • 2 Welding robot installations with each a twin cell configuration for serial welding
  • 2 Welding robots for welding straight seams
  • 1 Las-cobot for small or medium series and straight and/or complex welding seams

Laser welding

To can also be deployed to produce weld assemblies through hand-held laser welding. Due to the minor input of heat into the material, deforming of the material in reduced significantly. However, a deep weld penetration and a strong weld can be achieved with this technique. Other benefits are the speed increase in the welding process and the elimination of hot welkd spatters which reduces the time for finishing the assembly.

This technique is predominantly applied when welding relatively thin sheet metal parts and can be executed with or without lead-in wire. he laser welding cabine at VDL Systems has a working space of 50m² and can therefore be used for large assemblies or series.


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