Internal Transport and Logistic Systems

VDL Systems designs and manufactures several types of conveyor systems. These conveyors find their way to the end market through several OEM’s of food processing equipment and in the market for internal logistics. Mainly, our client orders begin with our client’s layout and after which VDL Systems is responsible for the complete engineering and manufacturing of the project.

Our product range consists of a wide variety of conveyors:
- Synthetic chain belting solutions
- PVC belt conveyors
- Mesh wire belt conveyors
- Nylon chain belting solutions
- Roller conveyors

Screw Conveyors

Complementary to conveyor systems with belts and chains, VDL Systems is also experienced in engineering and building ascending, descending or horizontal conveyors based on screw conveyor technology. The screws and troughs are engineered at VDL Systems after which part production, welding and assembling will be performed within the walls of our own organization. In developing screw conveyor technology for the food processing industry, our engineers pay a lot of attention to a number of principles regarding product safety and hygiene. That is, we take good care of this not only in the designing phase, but also during production of the screw conveyors.

Multifunctional design

Our conveyors will be designed in 3D according to our hygienic concept and they will be manufactured and tested in-house and if desirable, they can be installed at the end customer’s plant. Additionally, these conveyors can be extended with a wide variety of functional modules like transfer devices, lifting solutions, (de-)stackers, stoppers, rotating tables and hopper solutions. These modules are also designed and built in-house.

All-In Production

We execute the entire process – from engineering, sheet metal processing, machining, welding, sandblasting to assembly and installation – at our own workshop. Therefore, we have excellent control over the lead time of our production process, resulting in a significant contribution to the time-to-market. Moreover, the service engineers in our service department are ready for installation and maintenance of any of our equipment worldwide.

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